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Shure RK345 Black Foam Replacement Windscreen


  • Professional SM7B Windscreen – Compatible with your SM7B mic, SM7A and SM7 dynamic vocal microphone perfectly and does a great job! No more PLOSIVES!
  • Perfect Filter – SM7B Microphone pop filter takes plosives away to make sure your voice loud and clear, banish the dreaded hissing. Lisping sounds that come when pronouncing the letter “s” and the explosion of air that follows “b” and “p”.
  • Specially Designed – SM7B wind cover snaps into place easily, restoring the original look and sound quality. Exact same high-quality windscreen that compatible with Shure SM7B microphone. (As RK345 pop filter).
  • Perfect Protection – Fits like a glove and protects the mic from flying spittle. Protect your your sm7b mic from harmful, dust and moisture.
  • Multipurpose – Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, field recordings, and online games. Note: Not Included microphone

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