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SE Electronics DM1 Dynamite


  • +28dB OF CLEAN, CONSISTENT GAIN, INDEPENDENT OF LOAD: designed for neutral, balanced sound quality. The perfect way to boost the signal of a passive microphone. The gain stays consistent regardless of connected load. DM1 provides significantly improved level to your mic preamp for proper gain staging. AI5
  • SOPHISTICATED CLASS-A ELECTRONICS: State of the art electronics and FETs provide supremely low noise. Transformerless design for pristine sound quality. Provides the lowest noise in its class.
  • DEDICATED OUTPUT BUFFER AMPLIFIER: Provides +28dB output independent of load impedance or cable length. Extremely low output impedance. Drives long cable runs and can reduce susceptibility to RF interference, buzz & hum.
  • SLIM, RUGGED ALL-METAL HOUSING WITH PREMIUM FINISH: Efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise. Premium finish ensures a great look for many years. Slim design allows for easy placement in the studio or on stage.
  • GOLD-PLATED XLR CONNECTOR: For loss-free and reliable signal connection




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