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MAR*D930 (Martin Darco Extra Light Gauge El GtrStg(9-42))


  • Martin Guitar’s Darco strings offer superior quality, tone, and value in every pack. Designed for professional and working musicians, Darco electric strings are built to be tough and affordable so you can keep your axe screaming in practice, jam sessions, and performances. Play more, pay less.
  • Made from heavy-duty nickel, this premium string set will keep electric guitars screaming, whether you want twang, snarl, or bite. Designed for durability, these strings offer excellent tuning stability, making them a perfect replacement for your old, worn-out strings.
  • This premium electric guitar string set delivers a consistent tone and excellent playability—all for a great value. Add this pack of professional-grade strings to your studio or stage gear so you can get the best sound from your instruments


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