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JTS TXB-7M Stage Seven Piece 7 Drum Microphone Kit


  • Convenient and tender design. Hard-shell carry case against microphone damage.
  • TXB-7M : 1 TX-2 and 4 TX-6, 2 TX-9
  • The JTS TX-6 Dynamic Microphone is specifically designed for close miking of snare drums, tom – toms, percussion instruments, guitar amplifiers, brass and woodwind instruments and various other acoustic instruments in live performance or in recording studio applications.
  • The JTS TX-2 Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone provides articulated bass response for the miking of Kick Drums and other low frequency instruments such as Bass Guitar Amps
  • The JTS TX-9 Cardioid Condenser Microphone offers exceptional clarity and warmth for acoustic instruments: guitar, piano, hi-hats, snare drum, overheads, percussion and as well as choirs.


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