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Gemini Gem-05USB E Channel Mixer


  • BLUETOOTH INTEGRATION FOR DJs: Experience unparalleled wireless streaming with this Bluetooth audio mixer, perfect for modern DJ audio setups and podcasting. Its seamless connectivity ensures you stay ahead in the world of digital sound mixing, making it a staple in any DJ mixer bluetooth kit.
  • USB PLAYBACK SPECIALIST: As a standout usb mixer board, it supports MP3 and WAV formats, catering to a wide range of audio mixing needs. Whether for studio recordings or live performances, this mixer board audio solution simplifies your workflow, offering robust versatility and ease of use.
  • TOP-TIER AUDIO MIXING BOARD: This professional audio mixer features a high-quality mic preamp with Phantom Power, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality for recordings and live events. It’s a must-have for any sound board mixer, delivering exceptional audio fidelity every time.
  • ENHANCED SOUND MIXER EXPERIENCE: Elevate your audio with this sound mixer’s on-board delay and reverb effects. Ideal for both studio and live sound mixing boards, these effects add depth and texture to your mixes, making each performance uniquely captivating.
  • VERSATILE MIXING CONSOLE DESIGN: Compact and powerful, this audio mixing board is designed for versatility in any setting. It’s the perfect solution for sound mixer board needs across music production and live shows, offering a balance of quality, functionality, and convenience.

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