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DBX 234XS Professional Audio Analog Crossover


  • Input Connectors XLR, Input Type Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered, Input Impedance Balanced >50k ohm, unbalanced >25k ohm, Max Input – >+22dBu balanced or unbalanced, CMRR >40dB, typically >55dB at 1kHz, Output Connectors XLR, Output Type – Impedance-balanaced/unbalanced, RF filtered, Output Impedance- Balanced 60 ohm, unbalanced 30 ohm, Max Output
  • Frequency Response < 3 Hz to > 90 kHz, +0/-3 dB, Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Dynamic Range
  • Crossover Filter Type Linkwitz-Riley, 24 dB/octave, state-variable, Low cut Switch Activates 40 Hz Butterworth, 12 dB/octave high-pass filter, one switch per channel, Phase Invert Switch
  • Mode Switch – Selects stereo/mono and 2/3/4-way operation, LF Sum Switch – Selects normal (stereo) or mono-summed low frequency operation and disables Ch 2’s low output phase invert LED to indicate that this output is not operational in the LF sum mode.


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