beyerdynamic M 90 PRO X True Condenser Microphone, Black


Manufacturer: Beyerdynamic


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Think of long-established transducer specialists Beyerdynamic, and there’s a 50/50 chance that the first product that springs to mind is a microphone or a set of headphones. It’s fitting then that the German company’s latest Pro X range comprises two of each. We set up the M 70 Pro X and M 90 Pro X and get up close and personal with the new micsals

Although visually similar, the two new mics are distinctly different. The M 70 Pro X is a dynamic mic with a speech-optimised sound aimed at content creators. Meanwhile, the M 90 Pro X is a true condenser microphone designed for critical recording and broadcasting applications. Common to both mics is the inclusion of a thoughtfully engineered shock mount, and a pop filter – a proper one, not a foam sock.

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X
Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X dynamic cardioid micrphone. Image: Michael Soledad

M 70 Pro X

The dynamic fixed cardioid M 70 Pro X resembles a cross between the classic Electro-Voice RE20 and Shure SM7B. Like those well-known mics, the M 70 is a top-address (or front-address) microphone, and it’s a good deal lighter in weight than an RE20, so isn’t prone to drooping at inconvenient moments. Lightweight doesn’t mean flimsy here, though, as the high-quality aluminium housing is built with a “break-proof” steel mesh to protect the delicate capsule.

All essential components such as capsules, circuit boards, plugs, and casing can be repaired or replaced should a fault develop; there’s no throwaway culture here. This commitment to environmental issues extends to the packaging, too, which omits plastic by using completely recyclable paper and cardboard.

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X
Both mics have a well-engineered shockmount.

As the M 70 is primarily a broadcast microphone, it has been voiced to produce a rich, upfront radio studio sound. And while you get a beautifully deep and chesty tone when working in close proximity to the mic, it doesn’t fall victim to the proximity effect, so when you back off from the mic, the firm bottom-end remains intact.

Sharp focus and excellent room-rejection characteristics are two more attributes that will win the M 70 Pro X many fans. Not everyone has the luxury of an acoustically treated studio, so as long as you’re not broadcasting from an echo-drenched bathroom or kitchen, your voice should remain crisp and dry.