Radel Dhruva Nano ZX Electronic Sruti Box (Sur-Peti)


Manufacturer: Radel


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Regular Price: ₹ 2,999

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The Dhruva Nano Zx is a harmonium-type drone sruti box (sur-peti) that is also a Tuner / Sruti Box / Metronome.

It produces a drone similar to a harmonium type traditional sruti box (sur-peti). It has a Tuner / Pitch-pipe with Digital Display, Dual scale system: Chromatic / Diatonic. A new feature in the Dhruva Nano Zx is the tuning game to help improve your tuning skill.

Other Features are:
  Auto-tuning of SA-PA-SA / SA-MA-SA with LED indication
  Pitch adjustable over 1 octave and Fine tuning of pitch is available
  Also has an optional Metronome
  Automatic switchover to batteries on power failure
  Automatic saving of selected pitch into memory; option of saving one more selection into memory
  Tiny – palm-sized (size:115mm x 130mm x 80mm, weight:approx 0.5kg)

Plus all standard Radel features:
  SMPS Universal Voltage (90V – 260V AC without voltage selection)
  3 year warranty
  Renowned Radel after-sales service