Iso Acoustic 200 14-Variations Speaker Stand - Pair


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Iso Acoustic 200 14-Variations Speaker Stand - Pair

IsoAcoustics ISO-200 Adjustable Monitor Stand
The Iso Acoustic 200 will vastly improve your monitoring accuracy. Get tighter, more extended bass and more solid stereo imaging from your studio monitors, without investing in new monitors. How is this possible? Well,

Tilt Adjust & Focus

Adjustable size

Well, IsoAcoustics has designed the ISO-130 according to the PIF (Placement, Isolation, Focus) principles of acoustic design. The results are immediately noticeable and dramatic.

Iso Acoustic 200 Sound Isolating Design

Tilt and Adjust
Lets you properly position and isolate your monitors for more accurate performance

Perfect for Optimizing the placement and performance of small studio monitors

An important aspect of the speaker stand design is the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle of the supported speaker enclosure to optimize its position relative to the listener and eliminate soundwave reflections off the supporting surface.
The ISO Series of isolation stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment to optimize the placement and performance of the studio monitors by getting tweeters in correct alignment within the listening position

Features :

  • Height adjustable from 95 to 215 mm
  • Adjustable tilt up to 6.5 degrees
  • Allows you to adjust the speakers for an optimal dispersion pattern in the direction of the listener
  • Isolates studio monitors from the supporting surface
  • Supporting surface: 200 x 255 mm
  • Maximum load bearing capacity: up to 27 kg

Made in China