Hawk Reflection Sheild Filter pro


Manufacturer: Hawk


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Hawk Reflection Sheild Filter

The Hawk reflection filter has been designed to sheild your microphone from unwanted early reflections and standing waves,giving you a cleaner and more present vocal sound when recording in an acoustically untreated room.
Featuring an adjustable mounting system ,the equipment is very versatile and easy to install.Using the mounting brackets provided,This panel will fit on any mic stand.The mic isolation panel is depth and height adjustable using the included mounting plates & screws.Simply adjust the panel to your desired location to get the perfect sounding recording for any kind of microphone

Features :

  • Eliminates Echoes and Reflections
  • Lightweight and rugged construction
  • Depth & Height Adjustment
  • Metal Frame and absorbent foam interior
  • Elegant look and easy to install
  • Fits on almost all mic stands
  • Dimensions : 47x32x29 mm