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Alesis SamplePad Pro 8-Pad Percussion and Sample-Triggering Electronic Drum Kit
Six-dual zoned and 200 percussion samples offer great sonic creativity

Looking for a lightweight electronic kit for grab-and-go gigs, then the Alesis SamplePad Pro 8-Pad Percussion and Sample-Triggering Instrument is your best pick. The six-large dual zone pads and over 200 exceptional drum and percussion samples, lets you unleash your sonic creativity. The extra trigger and pedal input let you turn this instrument into a full kit. You can store your samples in the equipped SD storage. This comes with everything you’re looking for in a multi-pad. The SamplePad Pro will effortlessly blend into your existing drum kit setup and has all the requirements of a multi-pad.


Limitless Sonic Creativity

The SamplePad Pro features a vast collection of over 200 killer drum, cymbal and assorted percussion sounds, which can be arranged according to your preference into dozens of drum kits. It also gives you control over the key attributes of each sound. The 32GB integrated SD allows you to store your favourite sounds and tracks. Thanks to the pad’s easy controller, you can set up unique kits and play what you like.

Create Your Own Sound

The simple connection options of the SamplePad Pro are easy to setup. A single USB connection lets you send audio and MIDI between your SamplePad Pro and your computer that makes it easy to mix with your DAW or sample programme. For private practice sessions, this Sample PadPro offers the combination of a headphone output with a stereo AUX input.

Easy On-board Options

The Alesis SamplePad Pro boasts trigger inputs for two additional drum pads. It comes with Kick Drum and Hi-Hat pedal inputs. You can play your favourite tracks with the use of an optional module mount, USB MIDI, 5-pin MIDI, and 1/8" audio input. What's more, you can amplify the SamplePad Pro with both a kick pedal input and a hi-hat controller input that let you turn it into a portable electronic drum and percussion kit, perfectly contributing to a live performance.Limitless Sonic Creativity


  • A versatile electronic instrument that can go from simple pads to a full drum rig
  • 8 dual-zone pads (6 pads, 2 rims) offers easy playing and highly expressive
  • Active blue LED pad illumination defines the edge of each isolated rubber pad
  • Increase your rig with 2 additional inputs for drum triggers or performance pads
  • Kick pedal and hi-hat pedal inputs let you expand your rig into a full drum kit
  • Loaded with 200 and more internal sounds and 10 ready-to-play drum kits
  • Store your own sounds and kits on external SD card media
  • This has a capacity of 32GB in capacity that stores over 512 songs
  • Total computer connectivity for MIDI and audio is provided by the USB port
  • Headphone output and AUX input make private practice contribute to private practise


  • Personal Computer Requirement: Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Mac Requirement: OS × 10.7, 10.8,and 10.9
  • Port Include: USB
  • Number of Pads: 8× Dual-Zone Pads (6× Pads and 2× Rims)

This product includes Beginner's Guide to Learning Drums E-book

Country of Origin: China