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SE Electronics RF-X Portable Vocal Booth Reflection Filter


  • REFLEXION FILTER PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: The Original, patented, portable acoustic treatment device. sE’s patented multi-layer technology works evenly across the whole frequency spectrum to ensure a balanced, even sound with no colouration at all.
  • GET BETTER RECORDINGS ANYWHERE: sE’s 4-layer acoustic designs improves the acoustic quality of your recording space without permanent treatment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: Easy to set up and versatile to use in all scenarios RF-X’s superior build quality makes it easy to withstand harsh environments.
  • HANDMADE IN SE’S OWN FACTORY: Every Reflexion Filter is hand-made by experts in sE’s very own factory to ensure quality & durability in the Reflexion Filters.
  • IN THE BOX: Reflexion Filter RF-X, Mounting bracket, Mic stand thread adapter.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 cm