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Radel Sunadavinodini Electronic Veena


  • Enhanced volume, with the amplifier and speaker built-in to one of the gourds, built-in electronic tambura for sruti in the other removable gourd
  • Authentic sweet veena sound, adjustable independent volume control for main and taala strings
  • Increased sustenance of notes; thus long passages can be played with fewer plucks
  • Adjustable frets on a wooden fret board, eliminating the more delicate wax fret board
  • Frets can be adjusted easily by the user, guitar-type keys for easy and accurate tuning
  • Complete portability, as the sound box of the veena is dispensed with, and replaced by a plank of wood. Easy assembly / disassembly
  • Can be used on battery in case of AC Mains power failure. Universal voltage (90 – 260VAC without voltage selection)

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