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Meinl Cymbals HCS141620 HCS Cymbal Box Set Pack


  • SET FOR A COMPLETE SOUND: The Meinl HCS Expanded Set includes a 14″ hi-hat cymbal pair, 20″ ride cymbal, 16″ crash cymbal. This set contains all the necessary ingredients for a complete drum set.
  • DURABLE BRASS ALLOY CRAFTED IN GERMANY: The HCS line from Meinl has a responsive touch with an unmatched sound quality in this range. With bright and resounding musicality, these brass alloy cymbals stand up to the brunt of drum sticks while maintaining their tone.
  • DRUM SET READY FOR FULL RANGE OF SOUND: With crisp hi-hats, a shimmering ride, versatile crash, and a colorful splash, there are numerous groove options available for any musical style. Each cymbal is well suited to place anywhere on your drum kit.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNER STUDENTS AND PLAYERS: The Meinl HCS series contains almost all cymbal types found in professional set ups. With hi-hats, rides, crashes and effect cymbals like trash crashes, china’s, splashes, and bells, any musical idea or style is within reach.


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