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Kadence A311, 41” Jumbo Size 6-strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural


  • CLASSIC DESIGN —Elegant inlay provides a classic, acoustic look, dreadnaught shape; included pickguard underneath the guitar sound hole to protect from pick scratches while playing
  • QUALITY STRINGS —The surface is coated with a film coating, which is not easy to rust, which prolongs the use time of the strings and reduces the burden on the fingers when pressing the strings.
  • DESIGN—The Deep Pore paint finish, Simple head design, streamlined curvature makes the head and the body integrated, beautiful. The rosewood bridge has high hardness, strong vibration conductivity, stable and rich tone transmission.
  • SIZE —Suitable for the guitarist over 14 years old, especially the beginners, students or adults.
  • ADJUSTABLE ACTION—-Built-in truss rod can balanced the tension caused by strings or temperature change shrinking, for a straight and durable neck. The adjustable acoustic guitar neck allows your hand to stay in a comfortable position by keeping the strings in a perfect height.
  • ACCURATE TUNE—- Kadence guitars employes 18:1 premium machine head, run very smooth, no slack. it can help you to lock the string in position and adjust the pitch more accurate.


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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 cm