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Gemini GEM-12USB E – 12 Mixer With Bluetooth


  • VERSATILE DJ AUDIO MIXER: Ideal for DJs and audio professionals, this 12-channel mixer excels in live and studio settings. Its advanced features, like adjustable echo effects and diverse outputs, make it a go-to choice for a dj audio mixer or a professional audio mixer. This mixer board’s clarity and versatility make it indispensable for live sound mixing.
  • COMPACT MIXER BOARD: This efficient, compact mixer board fits perfectly in small studios or sound booths, offering high-quality audio mixing in any space. It serves as an excellent music mixer board or audio mixer board, catering to both amateur and professional needs with its professional-grade mixing capabilities.
  • USB MIXER WITH FLEXIBLE INPUTS/OUTPUTS: As a usb mixer, it supports MP3 & WAV formats and features assorted inputs/outputs, ensuring versatility for various audio setups. This mixing console is a standout for its ease of use and connectivity, making it ideal as a sound mixer board in both home and professional environments.
  • ENHANCED MIXING BOARD WITH MULTI-FX: With a 3-band EQ on each channel and an onboard Multi-FX unit offering effects like reverb and delay, this audio mixing board is perfect for crafting detailed soundscapes. It’s an excellent mixer with effects, providing creative control for every mix.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY AND CONTROL: This mixer stands out as a top-tier audio mixing console, offering superior sound quality and control. It’s ideal for sound mixer djs, mic mixers, and those needing a mixer audio dj solution, with its 4 channel mixer with effects catering to intricate audio demands.


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